Our Story

Inspyr Arts started 16 years ago, in a box.


Yep, a plastic box, filled with art supplies with a desire to change the world through kids and art. Ms. Vicky (what her students would call her) walked into a Boys and Girls Club with her box and pitched the idea of wanting to provide quality arts training and mentoring to all students. Thus, Inspyr Arts was born. So every week, she volunteered her time providing the art training she had been given and saw amazing shifts in her students. Kids who were normally getting into trouble were focused and quiet, kids who were shy became a little more outgoing, and overall kids were having fun. They felt a new sense of pride for what they were creating and learning. Did I mention that the art was amazing?!

Art did this. Art can change lives. But the burning question was, how to get it to more kids?
Fast forward to 2008 and Inspyr Arts opens its doors to it’s first teaching studio in Long Beach, California. At Inspyr Arts Studio, they were able to refine their teaching techniques, processes and philosophies. The community had a hub for “Inspyration” that kids and families can access. Inspyr Arts was able to take their positive message of encouragement, inspiration and creativity to their local schools, homeschooling families and after school programs. However, there were still more families and communities that could benefit from what they do. (Drum roll please!)

In 2018 Inspyr Arts launched Inspyr Arts ED. Imagine the quality support and programming that comes from Inspyr Arts Studio easily accessible from any computer! Now, families and schools can bring inspiration to their home or classroom.

Inspyr Arts true purpose is about inspiring students through art to live inspired lives and create inspired communities. We would love for you to join our creative community!

Home School Art Classes

Every child is an artist in their own unique way, on their own unique journey. That’s why Inspyr Arts ED’s home-school art curriculum features different art activities that are designed to spark your child’s unique gifts. Our engaging art lessons will help you identify your child’s artistic interests and how they will naturally develop In our self-paced, safe, ad-free environment.

After-School Art Programs

When school is out, let art take over! Inspyr Arts ED has a whole library of after-school art activities to keep the imagination flowing. We’ll show you how simple it is for after-school program leaders to engage different ages in a group setting. Starting an after-school art program from scratch? Contact us to learn how we can help.

Classroom Art Curriculum

Are you a rockstar art teacher, or just want to add color to your class curriculum? Inspyr Arts Ed invites you to try our wide selection of classroom art projects. We’ve made it easy for you, regardless of your experience teaching art, to complement your lessons with “inspyrational” classroom-ready art activities.

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